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HP offers support for the RILOE II, iLO, and iLO 2 features available on ProLiant servers with the HPONCFG utility.

HPONCFG is an online configuration tool used to set up and reconfigure RILOE II, iLO, and iLO 2 without requiring a reboot of the server operating system. The utility runs in a command line mode and must be executed from an operating system command line.

HPONCFG enables you to initially configure features exposed through the RBSU or the RILOE II, iLO, or iLO 2 GUI. This utility is not intended for continued administration. CPQLOCFG should be used for ongoing administration of user rights and network functionality on the server.

Observe the following requirements before using HPONCFG:

For more information, see the Remote Management website.