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Troubleshooting table



Data loss in Toolkit

Improper use of the Toolkit utilities and modification of the CONREP data files can result in loss of critical data. Because of the potential data-loss risk, only experienced individuals should use the Toolkit utilities. Before using the Toolkit, all necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that mission-critical systems remain online if a failure occurs.

Setting up a PXE boot environment

A basic understanding of DHCP, PXE, and TFTP is required to perform the procedure. The examples in this guide might not be specific to your operating system environment. For more information about your particular environment, see the Linux system administrator's guide

Configuring options using Toolkit utilities

Not all options can be configured using Toolkit utilities. Some options must be configured manually or with other configuration utilities, which are available online, before they can be used with the Toolkit. For more information on configuration, see the option documentation

Input files for HPONCFG

Because the -w argument does not capture certain types of information, such as the administrator password, data files created with HPONCFG using the -w argument cannot be used as input files for HPONCFG, unless they are modified first.

CONREP version compatibility

The file format for the DOS version of CONREP and the current version of CONREP are not compatible.


HPACUSCRIPTING supports only HP Smart Array controllers. Review the HPACUSCRIPTING documentation for the latest information.

Booting from a USB drive key

Booting from a USB drive key is supported only on certain ProLiant servers. For more information, see the HP Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant website.

CONREP data file editor

Only the fields that are present in the CONREP file being edited will be shown. The CONREP data file editor cannot add or remove fields. Some fields, such as the server OS selection, cannot be edited.


The kernel is generally static and cannot be modified easily. HP recommends that you use the kernel that is shipped with the Toolkit because it has been tested on all servers supported by the Toolkit.


Any changes you make to the SETBOOTORDER will take effect at the next reboot.