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Deployment overview

The SmartStart Scripting Toolkit includes a set of utilities for configuring and deploying servers in a customized, predictable, and unattended manner. These utilities enable you to duplicate the configuration of a source server on target servers with minimal user interaction.

IMPORTANT: The only utility supported on the HP ProLiant 100 Series Server is CONREP.

You can perform server deployments in many different ways using the Toolkit, but every deployment must include the following basic steps:

  1. Create a network share.
  2. Prepare the bootable media (CD/DVD, USB drive key, or PXE).
  3. Configure the system and storage hardware on the target server.
  4. Perform the operating system installation.

HP also recommends installing the latest version of the PSP. To obtain the most current PSP, see the PSP website.

IMPORTANT: Not all options can be configured using Toolkit utilities. Some options must be configured manually or with other configuration utilities, which are available online, before they can be used with the Toolkit. See the option documentation for more information on configuration.