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CONREP command file contents

A typical data file generated by the CONREP command is similar to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!--generated by conrep version 3.00-->

<Conrep version="3.00"

originating_platform="ProLiant DL360 G4"



<Section name="IPL_Order"

helptext="Current Initial Program Load device boot order">

<Index0>00 </Index0>

<Index1>01 </Index1>

<Index2>03 </Index2>

<Index3>02 </Index3>

<Index4>04 </Index4>

<Index5>ff </Index5>

<Index6>ff </Index6>

<Index7>ff </Index7>


<Section name="PCI_Devices"

helptext="Lists of PCI devices and their interrupts-not displayed if default" >EMPTY_DELETE</Section>

<Section name="Controller_Order"

helptext="Lists the current boot controller ordering">

<Id0>80 86 25 a3 </Id0>

<Slot0>00 </Slot0>

<BusDev0>00 fa </BusDev0>

<Rest0>41 </Rest0>

<Id1>0e 11 ff ff </Id1>

<Slot1>00 </Slot1>

<BusDev1>00 78 </BusDev1>

<Rest1>c1 </Rest1>