RS232C SERAL connection lets you use your PC to connect to UNIX machines that has no graphic card support or where direct access to console is not available. To use the SERIAL connection with Xshell, the host system must have SERIAL interface installed.

To connect to a remote host using SERIAL connection:

  1. Click the File menu, and then click New.
    RESULT: New Session Properties dialog box opens up.
  2. In Name, assign a name.
  3. From the Protocol list, select SERIAL.
  4. From Category, select SERIAL.
  5. In Port, select a RS232C parrallel port number that Xshell installed PC is connected. Generally, IBM compatible PCs use COM1 and COM2 by default. If a SERIAL port is not available as for few notebook computers users, you can use the USB-to-SERIAL devices to emulate the RS232C port
  6. In Baud Rate, select communication speed. This value must match the value of the server. Generally, 9600 is used.
  7. In Data Bits, select the size of transmitting data unit in bit. This value must match the value set in the server.
  8. In Stop Bits, select number of bits to indicate the end of data unit.
  9. Parity is used for checking the error in transmitted data unit. Select appropriate parity value depending on your server setting.
  10. Click OK to create a new session.
  11. You can connect with the newly created session as described in Connecting with a session.