In Logging page, you can configure options related to connection logging.

Start logging upon connection

Starts logging automatically when session is connected to the remote host. You can choose one of the following options:

Automatically create a new file in the log folder

Creates a new file in the folder listed below and saves the log message. File name is automatically created.

Use the following file (%n: session name, %d: date, %t: time)

Save the log files in the user defined directory using the format user defines.

File Path

Sets the path for a log file. %n, %d, and %t are translated into name, date, and time accordingly.

Browse ([¡¦])

Opens the Save As dialog box and selects a file where log data can be recorded.

Overwrite when the specified file already exists

If a file assigned above already exists, log data is overwritten to the file. If this option is not selected, ordered numbers are attached to the end of file names to create unique file names.

Ask when the session logging starts

Opens the Save As dialog box when logging starts. User can choose a file to save log.