In Telnet page, you can set options for TELNET protocol.

Use XDISPLOC telnet option

Uses XDISPLOC Telnet option to pass display (PC X server) information to server. If you are using a PC X server such as Xmanager, use this option to execute remote X11 applications from a local PC.


Enter the DISPLAY value to pass upon login. $PCADDR value is translated automatically to IP address of a local PC right before it is passed to server.

Option Negotiation

Select option negotiation mode between Xshell and a TELNET server.


Xshell will be in passive status to let the server start negotiating TELNET options.


After Xshell connect to the server, it starts sending negotiation.

If both Xshell and the server is in passive mode, the nogotiation will not begin. But in a special environment such as firewall environments it is usefull to set Passive mode.