In Connection page, you can set connection related values for a session. In most cases, you need to configure only this tab to connect to a remote computer.


Enter a unique name for this session.

Note: The name is used when creating a file and you should enter valid characters as a filename.Protocol

Select the connection protocol you want to use. Supported protocols are SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL.


Enter the hostname or IP address of a remote computer.

Port Number

Enter the port number of the protocol selected above. When you select a protocol from the Protocol list, the default port of the selected protocol is automatically entered into the box. If the remote computer uses another port for the protocol, you should enter a correct one. The default port of SSH and SFTP is 22, TELNET is 23, and RLOGIN is 513.

Send keep alive messages while this session is connected

Sends keep alive messages to the remote computer. It is useful when the connection is terminated unexpectedly on idle time. In some network environments, a gateway or a firewall system may terminate connections without notice when the connections are idle for the specified time period.

Reconnect automatically if connection is terminated abruptly

When sessions are disconnected due to network problem, Xshell tries to reconnect automatically. You can specify reconnect interval in seconds and reconnect limit in minutes. If you set reconnect limit as zero, reconnection routine does not terminate until connection is successful. If this option is selected, 'Exit to local shell on connection close' option is ignored.

Proxy Server

Select a proxy server setting for the session. Proxy server functions as an intermediary that bridges the network you are in and the outside network. Some users are maybe required to use proxy server due to security policies such as firewall and gateway.