The list below describes the keyboard shortcut keys defined in Xshell.

Shortcut key Description
Alt + N Same as New on the File menu.
Alt + O Same as Open on the File menu.
Alt + C Same as Close on the File menu.
Alt + Enter Changes to Full Screen view.
Alt + D Moves the keyboard focus to the Address bar.
Alt + L Switchs layout.
Alt + 1~9 Moves between the session tab.
Alt + Right Same as Next on the Window menu.
Alt + Left Same as Previous on the Window menu.
Ctrl + D Exit the Xshell on the local prompt.
Ctrl + Alt + ] Escape to the local prompt while connecting to a remote computer.
Ctrl + Alt + T Same as New Terminal on the Window menu.
Ctrl + Alt + F Same as New File Transfer on the Window menu.
Ctrl + Tab Switches to the next session within the same Xshell window.
Shift + Tab Moves to most recently used session in a Xshell window.
Shift + Home Scroll to Top.
Shift + End Scroll to Bottom.
Shift + PgUp Scroll Page Up.
Shift + PgDn Scroll Page Down.
Shift + Up Arrow Scroll Up.
Shift + Down Arrow Scroll Down.