In the Menu & Shortcut Keys tab, you can define the customized menu and choose to use shortcut keys.

Use customized menu

Use customized Xshell menu. With this feature, you can customize the menu apperance the way you prefer and also define new shortcut keys.

Use Alt + 1~9, 0 to switch session

Use this options to switch between sessions with Alt + number keys (1~9, 0) when multiple sessions are open.

Use Ctrl + Tab to switch session

Use this option to switch to next, previous sessions by using Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab key combinations.

Use Shift + Tab to switch session

Use this option to switch only to previous session.

Use Alt + L to switch layout

Use this option to open the Manage Layout dialog box by using Alt+L key combination.

Use Shift + Up, Down, PgUp, PgDn to scroll

Use this option to scroll the terminal screen with Shift+Up, Shift+Down, Shift+PgDn, Sfhit+PgUp key combinations.

Use Alt + D to focus on the Address Bar

Use this option to switch between the Address bar and the terminal screen with Alt+D key combination.