Copies selected text into the Windows clipboard. The keyboard shortcut for Copy is Ctrl+Ins.


Pastes the Clipboard contents into the terminal. The keyboard shortcut for Paste is Shift+Ins.

Paste Selection

Pastes the selected text into the terminal. This command doesn't copy the text into the clipboard.

Select All

Selects all the text in the screen and the scroll buffer.

Select Screen

Selects the text only in the current screen, not including the scroll buffer.


Opens the Find dialog box. Xshell supports regular expressions for keywords to search for. For more information about regular expressions, refer to Regular expressions.

To Notepad

Opens a Notepad window and copies text to it. You can choose a text area to copy from the submenu.

Selected Area
Copies selected area to Notepad.

Copies all the text in the current screen and the scroll buffer to Notepad.

Copies the text in the current screen to Notepad.

Reset Cursor

Restores the text cursor when it is hidden or located in an incorrect position. A problem may occur when the remote computer sends incorrect cursor operations.

Reset Terminal

Resets the terminal to initial state. This command will clear all text in the screen and the scroll buffer. The terminal may be garbled when binary data are dumped into the terminal.