You need to go through additional configuration steps when a remote host is on a different network over a gateway or when a firewall is between your PC and the remote host. These steps are required because Xmanager is a server program and the connection is established from the remote X application to the local Xmanager.

A keep-alive option for an SSH connection is useful when the firewall forces to disconnect idle sessions. Port-forwarding is required for XDMCP connections when you are in a private network and you connect to a remote host over a router. Once you have configured port-forwarding on the router, you should configure connection address for XDMCP connections.

To set a keep-alive option for an SSH connection in a firewall environment:
  1. Run Xstart.
  2. In the Session list, select a session.
  3. In the Protocol list, select SSH.
  4. Click Setup. RESULT: An SSH Protocol Setup dialog box opens.
  5. Click the General tab.
  6. Select the Send keep-alive signal check box.
  7. Click OK.
To configure port-forwarding of a router:
  1. Connect to the router and go to the port-forwarding page.
  2. Forward external TCP ports 6000 ~ 6010 to the ports 6000 ~ 6010 of your Windows. For example, assumes that the IP address of your PC is
    External Port Port Address
    6000 6000
    6001 6001
    6010 6010
  3. Save the configuration.

Note: Refer to the manual of your router to configure the port forwarding.

To configure a connection address for XDMCP sessions:
  1. Run Xbrowser.
  2. Right-click on the session you want to configure a connection address setting. RESULT: A menu appears.
  3. Click Properties. RESULT: A Properties dialog box opens.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. In the Connection Address area, select Use following connection address check box.
  6. In the Host box of the Connection Address area, enter the IP address of the router.
  7. In the Port Number box of the Connection Address area, enter "6001". Note: This number is a router side port number which is configured to perform port-forwarding from router to PC.
  8. Click the X Server tab.
  9. In the Display Number area, clear the Allocate display number automatically check box.
  10. In the Display Number box, enter "1". Note: This number comes from the port number "6001" which is configured to perform port-forwarding from router to PC. If you subtract 6000 from the port number, the result will be the display number.
  11. Click OK.