Xstart is a tool that lets you run an X application of a remote host from your Windows. Xstart automatically processes the login steps to the remote host and runs any X application you specified. It is a handy and powerful tool to bring a remote X application to your Windows desktop.

Xstart supports a lot of connection protocols: SSH, TELNET, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN and LOCAL. It provides SSH protocol for secure connections as well as other protocols for legacy systems. Using the SSH protocol, you can run any X applications over a secure tunnel even if there is a firewall between your Windows and the remote host.

Xstart provides a simple interface to create a session for each remote command. All Xstart sessions created here will also be available in the Xbrowser program. You can create a shortcut for a session on any Windows folder, and run the remote command with just one click such as you run a Windows application.

When you run a session, Xstart executes Xmanager first and then sends a command to the remote host. You do not have to run Xmanager ahead. But if an Xmanager program is already running and it is using the same server profile with the session, Xstart will not execute another Xmanager.