Xstart offers some command tags which allow you to automate a routine command sequence. The command tags are entered in the Execution Command box.

Command tags are defined below:

TAG Description
<%CR%> Sends a carriage return character (\r).
<%LF%> Sends a new line character (\n).
<%SEND="string"%> Sends a string. Xstart does not process DISPLAY and PCADDR variables in the string.
<%WAIT="string1|string2"%> Waits for the string1 or string2.
<%SLEEP=n%> Sleeps for n seconds.
<%POPUP="string"%> Pops up the Reply Messages dialog box when the specified string is received.

All tags are processed in sequence except for the POPUP tag which is valid till the command is completed entirely.

Note: Command tags are supported in TELNET and RLOGIN protocols. To use in the SSH protocol, select the Allocate a pseudo terminal before executing the command check box in the Options tab of the SSH Protocol Setup dialog box.

  1. The command below is a multi-logon example. After Xstart logs on to a host successfully, it connects to another host using telnet, and then run an xterm:

    telnet host2<%CR%><%WAIT="login:"%>root<%CR%>

  2. The command below pops up the Reply Messages dialog box when a "assword:" string is received. This is useful when your password is expired once a month and you should enter a new password before a command prompt appears:

    <%POPUP="assword:"%>xterm -ls -display $DISPLAY