In the Mouse Settings dialog box, you can configure 3-button emulation, wheel mouse and cursor color. You can open the dialog box by clicking Mouse Settings on the Devices tab of the Properties dialog box.

Mouse Settings Dialog Box

Click the left and right buttons simultaneously

Select this check box to enable 3-button emulation for a 2-button mouse. You can emulate the middle button by pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously.

Click Speed

Adjust the time interval between the left and right buttons. The click speed represents the waiting time of one button after the other button has been pressed. During the waiting time, the button that has been pressed will wait for the other button to be pressed as well.

Note: If the click speed is set too fast, the middle button may not work no matter how fast you press the two buttons simultaneously.

Use Right Button as Middle Button

Select this check box when you are using the middle button very often and the right button is not useful.

Use Mouse Wheel

Select the check box to generate mouse events when you rotate the wheel. A button4 event is generated when you rotate the wheel forward, away from you; a button5 event is generated when you rotate the wheel backward, toward you.

Note: When this option is enabled, some CDE applications cannot open a menu with the right button.

Use Color Mouse Pointer

Select this check box to display color mouse pointers. When you clear it, all mouse pointers are displayed as black and white colors.