In the Font tab, you can add and remove font directories, font servers and configure a number of font options.

Xconfig Properties Dialog Box, Font Tab

Font Catalogues

Enumerate all font path elements. A font catalogue is a font directory which contains font files or a font server running on the remote Unix host.

Xmanager reads all checked font path elements in order when it starts. The unchecked font path elements are not read by Xmanager.

The Description column shows the name of the font path element. The Path column shows the actual path of the font directory or the exact definition for a font server.

Move Up

Moves the selected font path element to the top by one.

Move Down

Moves the selected font path element to the bottom by one.


Removes the selected font path element from the list. This just removes the element from the list and does not delete the installed font files from the file system. It is recommended that you avoid removing the default font path elements provided by Xmanager unless you are an expert.

Add Font Directory

Opens an Open dialog box. You can locate a "fonts.dir" file to add the directory to the font list.

Add Font Server

Opens an Add Font Server dialog box. You can specify a font server in the dialog box.

Default Font

Enter the name of the default font. A default font must be provided and it is used when an X application does not specify a font to display.

Shows Missing Font Dialog

If you select this option, Xmanager displays a dialog box when it cannot find the font requested by the remote X application. This is useful when you want to know which font is required for the application.

Automatic Font Substitution

When the font which an X application request is not found, Xmanager substitutes another font for the requested one.

Permit Font Path Change

This option allows a remote X application to change the font catalogue while Xmanager is running.