By clicking right mouse button in a session, you can open Session Context Menu.

Session Context Menu


Opens the selected session. If multiple sessions are selected, all of selected sessions are opened.

Save As

Copies the selected session to a new session. If it is XDMCP dynamic session, it will be saved as XDMCP static session.

Save as SSH Connection

Creates Secure XDMCP static session if it is XDMCP dynamic session. In this case SSH server must be running on the remote host.


Starts/Stops sharing the selected session with other users of the system.

Send to

Sends the selected session file to other users through email or creates a shortcut in the desktop folder.

Create Shortcut

Opens the Browse for Folder dialog box and allows you to create a shortcut for the current session.


Deletes the selected session.


Changes the name of the selected session.


Opens Properties dialog box to change settings of the session.