Xlpd is already running or another program is using port nnn. Please check and restart Xlpd.

Xlpd can not use the specified port because another program is already using the port. Close the other program or change the port number on the LPD Port dialog box.

Cannot find any printer in this system. Please add a printer in the Windows system.

No printer is installed in the Windows system. After installing a new printer in the Control panel or Printer and Faxes folder, restart Xlpd.

Failed to find the specified printer. Do you want to use the default printer?

The specified printer on the Xlpd is not available. Select other printer for Xlpd.

Job is now being processed. If you exit Xlpd, the current printing job will be canceled. Are you sure you want to exit?

This message appears if you try to quit Xlpd program while printing.

Failed to get the Xlpd information from Registry. Please reinstall it.

Cannot get the required information to run Xlpd. Please uninstall Xlpd and then reinstall it again.

Failed to get local hostname.

Cannot get the local hostname of Windows. Check if the hostname is registered correctly.

Network error occurred.

A network problem has occurred while Xlpd is running. Check your network status.