With Xlpd, you can use the print feature on any UNIX application for printing directly to a PC printer. The following example shows the steps for printing on Netscape.

To configure Xlpd:

Check the configuration of Xlpd to process the print job from X applications.

  1. Open Xlpd main window.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Select the queue for print jobs.
  4. Click the Properties button. RESULT: The Queue Properties dialog box opens.
  5. Click the Print tab.
  6. Select the Print data without formatting check box.
  7. Click OK or Apply.


The printers should have capability to handle PostScript files. To change the printer, see Changing printer.

To print on Netscape:

In Netscape as one of X applications generally available in Unix, do the followings.


  1. Click Print on the menu. RESULT: The Print dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the following Print Command.

    lpr -Pprinter_name
    Printer_name should be a registered printer specified in Configuring Remote Printer.

  3. Click the Print button.