The General tab has a number of options for general behavior of the Xftp window.

Show Sessions dialog box at startup

Opens the Sessions dialog box automatically when Xftp starts. You can also open it by clicking Open on the File menu.

Delete finished transfer logs

Deletes a record for a successful transfer from Transfer window.

Use Natural Order Sort

When sorting by name on the Local or Remote Folder window, with this option off, file10 comes before file9. It is recommended to set this option on, when sort files with digits.

Convert to valid name automatically

When this option is on, invalid filenames are automatically converted to valid Windows filenames. If this option is off, you can not download the files containing invalid characters for Windows.

Show files start with "." character

Displays the files starting with "." on the Remote Folder window. The files starting with "." on the Unix system are regarded as hidden files.

Show welcome message

Display the welcome banner in case the FTP server provides one.

Double-click Action

Select the action to perform when double clicking on the file of the Local or Remote Folder window from the submenu.

Uploads the file.

Downloads the file.

Opens or executes the file.

Displays the Properties of the file.