Arranges the Remote Folder windows in an overlapped fashion, where windows are stacked and cascading from the top left to bottom right of the Remote Folder windows area.

Tile Horizontally

Arranges the Remote Folder windows as horizontal non-overlapping tiles.

Tile Vertically

Arranges the Remote Folder windows as vertical non-overlapping tiles.

New Terminal

Opens a terminal window from the current session using Xshell¢ç..

New File Transfer

Opens a new Xftp window. If this menu is selected while a session is connected, Xftp attemps to make a connection with the current session information.

List of currently open remote Folder window list

At the bottom of the Window menu, there is a list of currently open Remote Folder windows. These windows are listed in chronological order of creation, so the window created first will be on top of the list. You can move to another window by just clicking a session in the list. The name of a session indicates the title of the corresponding window.