The Advanced Options dialog box allows you to configure the advanced options for file transfers.

File Overwrite

Select the action to perform when the file to transfer already exists from the submenu.

Prompt For Action
Opens the File Exists dialog box.

Does not transfer the file.

Appends to the existing file. Overwrite it if the existing file size is larger than the size of the file to be transferred.

Overwrites the existing file.

File Name

Select the action for the file name when the file transfer is successfully completed.

Does nothing.

Changes the first letter of the file name to uppercase.

Changes the whole file name to lowercase.

Changes the whole file name to uppercase.

Set timestamp with remote server

Synchronizes time information of downloaded files with the remote server.

Transfer Retry

Sets the number of retry attempts for failed transfer. If the file is transferred successfully, this option does not take place.

Number of retry attempts

Sets the maximum number of retries until the file is transferred successfully.

Retry attempt interval

Sets the delay, in seconds, between retries for failed file transfer. If the delay time is set too short, file transfer could be failed again.