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Use a playlist with on-demand Windows Media files

This quick start demonstrates how to stream a set of files in the order you specify. This streaming scenario is ideal for providing online training or a series of on-demand presentations. To set up this task, you need to identify a set of Windows Media files that you intend to stream as a playlist, and then use the following steps to accomplish the task:

  1. Use the Add Publishing Point Wizard to create a new on-demand publishing point by right-clicking the server from which you want to stream a playlist and then clicking Add Publishing Point (Wizard). Proceed through the wizard pages making the following choices:
  2. Use the wizard to create a new playlist by doing the following:
  3. Use the wizard to enable and configure the following plug-ins:
  4. Verify that your wizard settings are correct and complete:

Users can now receive the content in the playlist by using the URL of your publishing point. The URL of a publishing point uses the following syntax:
connection protocol://server_name/publishing_point_name (for example, mms://server1/my playlist).

For more information about testing your streaming content, see Testing a stream.

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