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Include interstitial advertising in your on-demand playlist

This quick start demonstrates how to stream a playlist that contains prerecorded (stored) content and advertising. You can stream advertising content from either a locally stored file or from a participating advertiser's server.

When receiving the stream, users have full control over the playback of the prerecorded content, but they cannot skip the advertising content. This quick start assumes that you have several prerecorded content files as well as some sort of advertising content available for streaming.

  1. Use the Add Publishing Point Wizard to create a new on-demand publishing point by doing the following:
  2. To use the wizard to create a new playlist, do the following:
  3. Use the wizard to add advertising content to the playlist by doing the following:
  4. Use the wizard to configure the following playback options:

Users can now receive the content in the playlist by typing the URL of your publishing point in their players. The URL of a publishing point uses the following syntax:
connection protocol://server_name/publishing_point_name (for example, mms://server1/my publishing point).

For more information about testing your streaming content, see Testing a stream.

To see how many advertisements have been served by this publishing point at any time, in the details pane, click the Advertising tab. In the Advertisements served by area, click the Reset button to restart the count at zero.

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