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Understanding logging

Logging is important in a streaming media system for a variety of reasons:

The log files created by the WMS Logging plug-in are space delimited text files that adhere to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for log files. Each entry in the log file corresponds to a server or client event and has corresponding result code. For more information about log file entries and result codes, see Log file reference information.

By default, log files created by the WMS Client Logging plug-in are saved to %systemroot%\System32\LogFiles\WMS and log files created by the Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent are saved to %systemroot%\System32\LogFiles\WMS_ISAPI. If you do not have adequate disk space on the drive to which log files are being written, the logging plug-in will stop logging and post a warning message to the troubleshooting list.

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