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To install the Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent

  1. In Add or Remove Programs, click Add/Remove Windows Components.
  2. In the Windows Components Wizard, select Windows Media Services and then click Details.
  3. Select the Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent check box and then click OK.

    The Wmsiislog.dll file is placed in the %systemdrive%\WMPub\WMIISlog directory, and the default multicast logging properties are set in the registry.

  4. In Internet Information Services (IIS), create a virtual directory that references the %systemdrive%\WMPub\WMIISlog directory and then assign it read, run, and execute permissions. For more information about configuring IIS to use application extension, see IIS Help.

    You may now use the URL to the Wmsiislog.dll as the URL for any field that can use a logURL attribute, such as an announcement file, the Multicast Data Writer plug-in, a multicast information file, or clientData elements in a server-side playlist file. The logURL is specified as http://web_server_name/virtual_directory/wmsiislog.dll.

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