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To configure the WMS Network Data Source plug-in

  1. Click the server for which you want to configure the plug-in.
  2. In the details pane, click the Properties tab, and then select the Show all plug-in categories check box.
  3. In Category, click Data source.
  4. In the Windows Media Services snap-in, in Plug-in, click WMS Network Data Source, and then click Properties.


    In Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web, click WMS Network Data Source.

    WMS Network Data Source Properties appears.

  5. On the General tab, in Protocols, select the check boxes of to the protocols you want to use when connecting to network data sources through RTSP.
  6. If you are connecting to a network data source through a proxy server, in Proxy settings, click the protocol used to connect to the proxy server, and then click the Configure button.
  7. Enter the appropriate information for your proxy server, and then click OK.

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