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To add a container to a playlist

  1. In the Windows Media Playlist Editor, expand the playlist, and then expand the smil element to show the elements in the playlist.
  2. Click the element after which you want to add a container.
  3. On the toolbar, click the Add element arrow.
  4. Do one of the following:
    Click this To do this
    Sequence Add a seq element to the playlist. A seq element is a container for content items, which are played in the order in which they are listed. For more information, see seq element.
    Switch Add a switch element to the playlist. A switch element provides alternate content in case a user is unable to access the intended content. For more information, see switch element.
    Exclusive Add an excl element to the playlist. An excl element is a container for content items that are played only if they are triggered by an event or if a begin attribute is specified and its criteria is met. For more information, see excl element.
    priorityClass Add a priorityClass element to the playlist. A priorityClass element must be an immediate child of an excl element. A priorityClass element enables you to specify what happens when one media element interrupts playback of another. For more information, see priorityClass element.

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