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Stations with no publishing points

The following table describes the migration of stations in version 4.1 that are not associated with publishing points.

This version 4.1 configuration Migrates to
Station with one or more existing programs

Station name: MyStation

Program names: MyProg1, MyProg2

MyProg1 streams: Str11, Str12
MyProg2 streams: Str21, Str22

Str11 source: msbd://encoder1:1000
Str21 source: http://encoder2:2000

Broadcast publishing point

Publishing point name: MyStation
Path: \WMPlaylists\Prog1.wsx

Playlists: Prog1.wsx, Prog2.wsx

MyProg1.wsx media: Str11, Str12
MyProg2.wsx media: Str21, Str22

Str11 src: http://encoder1:1000
Str21 src: http://encoder2:2000

If a version 4.1 station exists and there is a program that points to that station, the following happens during the migration:

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