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mediaName attribute

The mediaName attribute provides clients with a name for a media element. The server uses the mediaName attribute to log data, and the mediaName attribute value overrides name information sent to clients. This attribute is useful if you are using log files for reporting or if you want to prevent users from seeing the names of your servers and the paths to your content.

The following example shows how the mediaName attribute can make logs and playlists easier to read. When the WMS Client Logging plug-in receives data from the client, it writes the information to the appropriate fields of a log file. When a mediaName value is specified for a media element, that name replaces the file name in the cs-media-name field in the client logging data.

When the playlist is played, the first entry is logged with the name X-563cvb12.wmv. The second entry is logged with the name My Movie.

<?wsx version='1.0'?>
	<media src="X-563cvb12.wmv/>
	<media src="Bv-291X.wmv" mediaName="My Movie"/>

You can also use the mediaName attribute to increase the security of your system, as shown in the following example. Specifying a value for the mediaName attribute causes that information to be sent to the client instead of the file name or publishing point name specified in the src attribute. The information is sent to the client in a content description list, which provides the client with content information about each item in a playlist. Because the content description list is not encrypted, you can use the mediaName attribute to prevent malicious users from discovering the actual names of the digital media content on your network.

When the following playlist is played, the content description list received by the client contains the file name of the first entry, and the mediaName attribute value of Movie1 for the second entry.

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
	<media src="file://\\movie_server\licensed_content\2XM-56YZ.wmv" />
	<media src="file://\\movie_server\licensed_content\2XM-34YZ.wmv"
	mediaName="Movie1" />

The mediaName attribute can be specified for the following playlist element:

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