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Keyboard shortcuts for the Windows Media Services snap-in

By using the following keyboard shortcuts in the Windows Media Services snap-in, you can quickly accomplish many common tasks.

To do this… Use this keyboard shortcut…
Display context-sensitive Help for a selected item F1 or ALT+A, and then press H
Move forward through items on the active window TAB
Move backward through the items on the active window SHIFT+TAB
Move forward from tab to tab CTRL+TAB
Move backward from tab to tab SHIFT+CTRL+TAB
Scroll up one item in a list UP ARROW
Scroll down one item in a list DOWN ARROW
Scroll forward through tabs PAGE UP
Scroll backward through tabs PAGE DOWN
Scroll up a list PAGE UP
Scroll down a list PAGE DOWN
Close the current property sheet or dialog box ESC
Activate a selected link ENTER
Finish a wizard (Completion Page) ENTER
Move forward through the items in a spin box or drop-down list UP ARROW
Move backwards through the items in a spin box or drop-down list DOWN ARROW
Remove the selected items and copy them to the Clipboard CTRL+X
Copy the selected items to the Clipboard CTRL+C
Insert the contents of the Clipboard at the selected location CTRL+V
Open the property sheet of a selected object ALT+ENTER
Open a file (Playlist Editor) CTRL+O
Save a file (Playlist Editor) CTRL+S
Close the current window ALT+F4
Display the shortcut menu SHIFT+F10
Select or clear an item SPACEBAR
Display the context menu Application key

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