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Is there a way to enhance performance when sourcing from an encoder?

If you are using live content from an encoder as part of a playlist, your clients may experience latency as the server buffers the encoder content. Also, as each client switches to the live content streams, the server must make a new connection to the encoder. This increases network congestion.

By creating an additional publishing point on your server that operates as an intermediary between your main publishing point and the encoder, you can improve network and client-side performance. Performance is improved because the server maintains a single connection to the encoder regardless of how many concurrent clients you are serving. You can create this publishing point by doing the following:

  1. Create two identical broadcast publishing points.
  2. On the first publishing point, configure the publishing point to receive content from the encoder.
  3. Start the publishing point.
  4. Configure the second publishing point to reference a playlist. Add a media element to the playlist that receives content from the first publishing point. Use the address lpp://publishing_point_1 as the source of the media element.
  5. Use the second publishing point to stream the content to your clients.

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