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ISAPI properties reference

When you install the Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent, Windows Media Services creates the following registry keys in the registry of the computer. You can use these registry keys to modify the properties of the Wmsiislog.dll application extension. The following table provides information about the property values, which are stored in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media\Server\ISAPI\Logging.

Setting Type Description
LogDirPath REG_EXPAND_SZ Provides the path to the log file. By default this value is %systemroot%\System32\LogFiles\WMS_ISAPI.
FreeSpaceQuota REG_DWORD Provides the minimum amount of available disk space on the drive to which log files are being written. If the amount of free disk space is not available, the log file will not be written and the multicast logging application will stop.
UseLocalTime REG_DWORD Determines the time zone (local or Coordinated Universal Time) to use. A nonzero value indicates that local time is used.
UseUnicode characters (UTF-8) REG_DWORD Specifies whether the log file should contain Unicode or ANSI text. A nonzero value indicates that Unicode (UTF-8) is used.

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