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About the Properties tab for a server

Use the Properties tab to view and configure properties for your server. You can set limits to manage your server resources and enable and disable the properties and plug-ins used by your server.

The Properties tab displays the following information about server properties.

Item Description
Show all plug-in categories Select this check box to display all of the plug-in categories that are available, including the core system plug-ins. Changing or disabling the core system plug-ins may result in your server not functioning as expected.
Category Displays the list of property or plug-in categories available for the server. Click the category name to view the list of available properties or plug-ins.
Property or Plug-in Displays the properties or plug-ins available, depending on the selected category. For more information, see About properties and plug-ins.

If you select a property or plug-in that is configurable, you can use the following buttons to perform common tasks:

Web administration feature For Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web

Use the following button and setting to configure additional plug-in or property options:

Note Image Note

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