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Identifying stream formats

Identify the format or formats of the content by either identifying the source file or files to be streamed or by identifying the appropriate stream format file from Windows Media Encoder. The encoder system administrator can provide you with the stream format file.

All the stream formats used in your multicast session must be idenitfied either by locating the Windows Media file or by locating the stream format file provided by the encoder. To identify the stream formats do the following:

Stream formats contain information a player needs to decode a stream, including codecs, bit rates, and frame sizes. If your content was encoded using different codecs, bit rates, frame sizes, and so on, ensure that you add each type of content to the stream format list. If you need to change the list of stream formats after creating an announcement for a multicast stream, you can run the announcement wizard again to create a new multicast information file. You are not required to create a new announcement.

Click Remove to delete a stream format from the list.

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