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Caching and proxying content

You can add a third-party cache/proxy plug-in to your server to provide cache and proxy server support for other Windows Media servers. Using a cache/proxy plug-in is an easy way to conserve bandwidth, decrease network-imposed latency, and offset the load on the origin server. Network bandwidth is minimized because only one connection from the origin server is required to upload content to and receive information from the cache. Network latency is decreased because a client can receive content from a nearby cache/proxy server more quickly than it could if it had to traverse the network or the Internet to receive content from the origin server. Additionally, the load on the origin server is offset because fewer clients are connecting directly to the origin server. These three factors result in a better viewing experience for users and operating cost reduction.

To view a list of partners that provide cache/proxy plug-ins for Windows Media Services 9 Series, see the Windows Media Technologies Partner Center at the Microsoft Web site. You can also create custom cache plug-ins by using the Windows Media Services 9 Series Software Development Kit (SDK), available for download from the Microsoft Web site.

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