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Performance and Reliability

Windows Mobile 6.5 has significant improvements in overall stability, battery life, and performance, which can increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

The following enhancements have been made to improve device health:

  • Reduced battery usage for e-mail

  • Fixed top errors reported by SQM/Watson

  • Improved performance on screen rotation area

The following changes help improve performance:

  • Allocation of virtual memory is improved.

  • The out of process (OOP) threshold has been optimized. This change helps shut down the application at a lower threshold to prevent application errors reaching the upper OOP threshold.

  • SQM data gathering and SQM data upload have been decoupled so that SQM data can be gathered before the user interface is presented. By default, SQM data is gathered and uploaded to Microsoft.

  • Log entries have been added to help optimize service and device driver performance. The changes help OEMs analyze boot time and investigate the boot process by using Perfman. The change is applicable to Windows Mobile Standard and Windows Mobile Professional.

  • To minimize the impact to the battery life caused by the keep-alives sent by the Mobile VPN, a request for fast dormancy is sent to the radio after each keep-alive is sent. This change only applies to 3G data connections and only if the hardware supports fast dormancy. The improvement on battery life depends on how frequently keep-alives need to be sent over a connection and on the characteristics of the device and the network; it is expected that the impact of the keep-alives will be reduced to less than half of what it was before the modifications.

  • The comparison of the daylight saving time offset in Time Zones has been changed to an absolute value to accommodate both positive and negative values from the Radio Interface Layer (RIL).

  • Extend your virtual machine applications to show virtual machine processes in the Windows Task Manager. This lets users view and terminate processes on the virtual machine.

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