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CellCore provides a basic set of wireless connection oriented services.

In This Section

Radio Interface Layer

Describes the Radio Interface Layer (RIL) that handles the communication between the CellCore system software and the radio hardware.


Describes the Telephony programming elements that are applicable to Cellcore: Extended TAPI (ExTAPI), Assisted TAPI, and Telephony Service Provider (TSP) API.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) API

Describes the WAP programming elements.

WAP Wakeup

Describes the WAP Wakeup feature that enables applications to conserve memory.

Short Message Service Provider Registration

Describes how to associate message types with a Short Message Service (SMS) provider by modifying the registry.

Enabling Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) Processing

Describes how to enable Enhanced Messaging Service.

Short Message Service (SMS) API

Provides reference information for the SMS feature that supports sending messages of up to 160 characters to mobile-based devices.

SIM Manager Reference

Provides reference information for the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Manager API.

Related Sections

Telephony API

Provides information about Telephony API (TAPI) support. This technology manages phone connection and disconnection and is required for call setup and modem support. TAPI includes Unimodem, which supports AT command-based standard modems.

Connection Manager

Provides information on the Connection Manager. The Connection Manager handles network connections for CellCore-enabled devices, regardless of the service provider used for establishing the connection.


Provides information on the phone APIs.