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The [SourceDisksFiles] section is required and describes the name and path of the files that comprise your application.

If you want to use the .inf file to target multiple processors or platforms that you specify, append an unique label that indicates the platform to the section name to distinguish the sections. For more information about the platforms that you can select, see CEDevice.

For example, when installing the .cab file application on Windows Mobile powered PDAs, use the SourceDisksFiles.PPC section name to specify the name and path of the files associated with your application.

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Source filename. Enclose long filenames in double quotation marks.


Source identifier used in [SourceDiskNames] to specify the source directory.

You must have a [SourceDisksFiles] section that is not hardware platform-specific; hardware platform-specific sections are optional.

The following [SourceDisksFiles] code example uses source identifiers corresponding to those found in the [SourceDisksName] code example:

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begin.wav = 1
end.wav = 1
sample.hlp = 1

sample.exe = 2


If you are using the same set of application binaries to create multiple .cab files targeted at multiple platforms, you need only one SourceDisksFiles section. However, you need multiple SourceDisksNames sections to ensure that the binaries are sorted into the correct .cab files for each target platform.

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