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The following table shows the default CM_Mappings Configuration Service Provider information that is loaded by default onto every Windows Mobile device for the four network types.

Parameter pattern for the value Network name


The Internet




WAP Network


Secure WAP Network

In this table, the networks are ordered by index number, and the order of the networks reflects their relative priority, in order of descending priority. For information about the indexparameter, see CM_Mappings Configuration Service Provider.

Connection Manager uses the first matched network. The entry that has a more specific pattern must be assigned a lower index number than more general entries. The index numbers used by default map entries are used to map most general patterns, as listed below. Therefore, to make a more specific entry map to a different network (identified by GUID), the index of that entry should be lower than the entries in the following default XML example.

The first 500 index numbers (0–500) are reserved for Microsoft use. Mobile operators should not use these numbers.

Code Example

The following truncated XML example contains the map entries described in the preceding text.

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<characteristic type="CM_Mappings">
   <characteristic type="536870912">
	<parm name="pattern" value="wsp://*/*" /> 
	<parm name="network" 
	value="{7022E968-5A97-4051-BC1C-C578E2FBA5D9}" /> 
   <characteristic type="553648128">
	<parm name="pattern" value="wsps://*/*" /> 
	<parm name="network" 
	value="{F28D1F74-72BE-4394-A4A7-4E296219390C}" /> 
   <characteristic type="570425344">
	<parm name="pattern" value="*://*.*/*" /> 
	<parm name="network" 
	value="{436EF144-B4FB-4863-A041-8F905A62C572}" /> 
   <characteristic type="587202560">
	<parm name="pattern" value="*://*/*" /> 
	<parm name="network" 
	value="{A1182988-0D73-439e-87AD-2A5B369F808B}" /> 


One provisioning XML file typically contains configuration information for multiple Configuration Service Providers. To use this example, you must replace the values as appropriate, and add the node as a child of the OMA Client Provisioning file. For information about the syntax of this file, see OMA Client Provisioning Files. For examples, see OMA Client Provisioning XML File Examples.

The default configuration file is named defaultconfig.xml. For Windows Mobile Standard, the default configuration file is located in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Smartfon\OAK\Files. For Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic the default configuration file is located in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\WPC\OAK\Files\Intlfile\%LANGID%.

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