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Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later supports all of the binary encoded XML (WBXML) tokens supported by Windows Mobile 2003-based devices. This includes tokens defined in WAP Client Provisioning version 1.0 and Microsoft custom tokens.

It also supports, WBXML files as defined in OMA Provisioning Content Specification version 1.1 (OMA-WAP-ProvCont-v1_1-20050428-C), available from this OMA Web site . This specification defines a standard for compressing XML text files, using a tokenized format in order to achieve over the air transmission efficiency.

This section defines the token tables for custom parameters and continuous provisioning that are specific to Windows Mobile devices. These tokens are in addition to those already defined in section 7 of the OMA Provisioning Content Specification, which are not repeated here.

The Microsoft custom tokens for WBXML files specified in OMA Client Provisioning version 1.1 are in new code pages (202, 201, 203, and 204).

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