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Queries the setting values designated by the characteristic type attributes.



Defines the characteristic type.


If the recursiveattribute does not exist, a recursive query is required. If this attribute is TRUE, the entire tree under the designated characteristic type is recursively queried. If FALSE, only settings nested one level in from the starting point are queried.

Not all configuration service providers support the recursiveattribute.

This attribute is used in the Microsoft–specific section of a continuous provisioning WAP connectivity document. It indicates that the associated characteristic is a Network Access Point (NAP) or proxy ID.

This attribute is required when updating or deleting existing NAPs or Proxies and must be set to 1.

If the mwidattribute is 1, then the type's value in this characteristic is an identifier (ID). If the mwidattribute does not exist, then the characteristicelement does not represent a WAP connectivity NAP or a proxy ID.

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