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PS/2 keyboards cannot identify themselves. Therefore, you must tell the system to change the input locale to match the keyboard. Then, Layout Manager changes to that input locale and changes the device layouts for each PDD and input language to match.

The following list shows the information that must be reported through GetKeyboardTypeand GetKeyboardLayoutName. These functions will resolve to PFN_LAYOUT_MGR_GET_KEYBOARD_TYPEand PFN_LAYOUT_MGR_GET_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT_NAME. If these functions do not exist in the keyboard driver, GWES will attempt to read this information from the registry. For more information, see Remote Desktop Protocol Support, or Keyboard Driver Registry Settings.

  • Type

  • Subtype

  • Number of function keys

  • Input locale identifier

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) requires all of these values because the host must know the type of scan codes it receives. Microsoft Windows-based desktop platforms define these values. For more information, see the Windows XP Driver Development Kit (DDK).

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