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The process of getting a Windows Mobile application out to the rest of the world can appear daunting, but this section sets out the steps to follow in order to package and distribute a project. If nothing else, you should read the blog entry below that covers installing the SDK Certificates required to install applications to a device for debugging and testing.

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Working with the Windows Mobile Security Model

Understanding the impact that the Windows Mobile Security Model will have on your development process.


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The Windows Mobile Developer Wiki, Deployment Setup Security page.

Windows Mobile Team

This blog entry explains security, and covers setting up a device for development, including installing the SDK security certificates.

Deploying Windows Mobile Applications

How to package and install your application on multiple devices.

Security for Windows Mobile Devices

Topics covering the Windows Mobile Security Model.

Testing How an Application Will Behave Under Different Security Configurations

Know in advance how security will effect your application.

Step by Step: Understanding Windows Mobile Security Using the Device Security Manager

Understand the Device Security Manager with this MSDN Lab.

How Do I: Create a Desktop Project for Installing CAB Files to a Windows Mobile Device?

An MSDN video-based tutorial covering the creation of CAB files.

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