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Service Indication (SI) and Service Loading (SL) are two types of Short Message Service (SMS) messages used for data transfer (as opposed to the regular SMS messages used to send text messages). SI and SL messages are part of a WAP Push mechanism that Mobile Operators can use to provision files Over the Air (OTA) to Windows Mobile devices. Mobile Operators send SI and SL messages to mobile devices through a trusted Push Proxy Gateway.

Service Indication messages are text messages that contain a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). When users receive one of these messages, a dialog box appears on their screen, prompting them to follow the link. To provision the device, all they have to do is click the hyperlink.

Service Loading messages are more complicated. They contain the actual provisioning file, and when they arrive on a mobile device, they are automatically processed by the operating system, and users never see them.

SL is ON by default. For an example of how to disable SL, see Security Policy Settings.

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