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When you provision the development certificates to a connected device, Security Configuration Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile populates its Privileged, Normal, and SPC certificate stores with a mix of development certificates. The following table lists typical development certificates that you could provision to a connected Windows Mobile powered device.

Development Certificates

Microsoft Mobile Device PCA

Microsoft Mobile Device Privileged Component PCA

Microsoft Visual Studio Signing Authority

Privileged CAB Signing Test Cert


Windows Mobile 2003 Privileged Test Signing Authority

Windows Mobile 2003 Unprivileged Test Signing Authority

TEST USE ONLY - Failsafe Configuration Root for Windows Mobile SDK.

TEST USE ONLY - Sample Privileged Root for Windows Mobile SDK

TEST USE ONLY - Sample Unprivileged Root for Windows Mobile SDK

Unprivileged CAB Signing Test Cert

Emulator images for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 are provisioned with the Development Certificates by default. If you change the security configuration of an emulated device, you can use Security Configuration Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile to re-provision it with the Development Certificates. For more information about connecting to an emulated mobile device, see Connecting an Emulated Device.

To provision a device with a development certificate

  1. On Security Configuration Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile's menu bar, click Device, and then click Add Development Certificates.

    Check the mobile device screen to see if there are any additional steps that you might need to perform.

    If the development certificates were successfully added, the Provisioning Results dialog box appears, telling you that the operation was successful.

    You cannot provision a Locked device. If you try, the Security Configuration Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile generates the following error dialog box:

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