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The following phone feature is new in Windows Mobile 6. Any additional software requirements are listed with each feature. If there are any additional hardware requirements, those requirements are also listed.

Phone Experience Features Description


CompIME provides improved text prediction functionality.

Text prediction, also called "auto-completion" or "auto-selection," can significantly improve an end user's text input experience. The feature presents users with a list of possible word choices that change as they type. Users have the option of selecting their choices of words from the list. Content that has been previously entered by the end user and entries from a static dictionary are both reflected in the list. Words also appear in the list based on how recently they were last typed by the user, how frequently they have been typed, and the words that precede the current word on the user's screen. The OEM can customize both the number of words that appear in the list and the keys that are used to select or dismiss them.

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