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This scenario describes how the OMA DM v1.2 server would send a super package to update multiple ROM packages. A super package is one that contains multiple update packages that are downloaded as one object. A file that has a super package has a pks extension.

The following steps describe the process of updating a device by using a super package.

  1. The OMA DM v1.2 server sends an SMS trigger to start a DM session.

  2. The device connects to the server.

  3. The server creates a Firmware update object, and then sends the Exec command to the object’s DownloadAndUpdate node.

  4. The FwUpdate Configuration Service Provider accepts the command and then calls the Download Agent to download the package.

  5. Once downloaded, the Download Agent directs the OS to install the package.

  6. When the installation is complete, the Download Agent obtains the installation results from the registry. For each package, the Download Agent generates an installation result code that indicates success, failure, or partial success.

  7. The OMA DM client connects to the OMA DM server and then sends the installation results to the server over package #1 by using the generic alert element. For information about generic alerts, see OMA DM Generic Alert.

  8. If the installation failed or was partially successful, the server could optionally query the current versions on the device by using the ROMPackage Configuration Service Provider. For more information, see ROMPackage Configuration Service Provider.

  9. The DM client notifies the Download Agent of the DM session result by using result codes.

Result Codes

The final notification of a super package update indicates the status of the entire package. The following table shows the possible result codes and their meanings when updating by using a super package.

FUMO Result code Meaning


Installation success. All packages in the super package were installed.


Installation failure. The URL provided is malformed or invalid.


Super package installation failed because some of the updates failed to install.

The server may query the ROMPackage Configuration Service Provider to find out the current ROM package version in order to know which packages were updated.

The State node in the FwUpdate Configuration Service Provider is updated with one of the following values:

Value Meaning


The update failed. Update data has been deleted or removed.

If any update in the super package fails, then the entire package fails.


All updates in the super package succeeded. Update data has been deleted or removed.

For information about other result codes, see OTA Firmware Update Result Codes.

For information about other State node values, see FwUpdate Configuration Service Provider.

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