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Routing is turned on by default only if Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or the Bluetooth gateway configuration utility is used. If you did not include one of these Catalog items in your OS design, you can enable IP routing manually.

Security Note:
Enabling routing can potentially compromise network security. Ensure you understand the IPv4 security consequences of enabling routing on the device.
You can use the NumForwardPackets and MaxNumForwardPacket registry settings to fine tune the amount of memory that is used for routing. For more information, see TCP/IPv4 and v6 Common Registry Settings.

To enable IPv4 routing

  1. In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Tcpip\Parmsregistry key, change the IPEnableRouter valueto 1 (True).

    Setting this value to 1 causes the system to route IP packets between the networks to which it is connected.

  2. Reboot the device.

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