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This method retrieves a value specifying the presentation time of a given marker.

Compatibility:Windows Media Player


dblRetVal = MediaPlayer.GetMarkerTime( 




[in] Longvalue specifying the number of the marker to return.

Return Value

Returns a Doublevalue specifying the presentation time of a given marker.

This method returns a zero if the specified marker does not exist.


Some media clips do not contain markers. Use the MarkerCountproperty to find out how many markers are in the current clip.

Marker numbers start at 1.

If a clip has no markers, the value of MarkerCountis zero.

The following example tests MarkerCountbefore displaying a message box with the marker time.

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If (MediaPlayer1.MarkerCount > 0) Then
  MsgBox "Marker 1 is at" + Str$(MediaPlayer1.GetMarkerTime(1)) _
  + " seconds."
End If


Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 3.0 and later

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